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A Global Network Unlocking Historical Psychedelic Knowledge

In the face of pressing questions about how patents will impact the future of psychedelics and mental health, Porta Sophia continues to seek participants in our Archival Researcher Network (ARN). The ARN has been developed to help us expand our prior art library by tapping into the expertise of a global network of psychedelic historical researchers who crowdsource relevant prior art. By leveraging historical expertise about psychedelics, our network helps to curate our library and increase access to disparate knowledge of psychedelic science, practice, and tradition. Ideal participants in the network will have experience with or demonstrated interest in historical research on psychedelics; expertise with archival research is especially welcome.

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Here, you'll discover a collection of recordings that offer fundamental insights into psychedelic archival data, the concept of prior art, and details about the goals of Porta Sophia.

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ARN participants are encouraged to apply for funding to support Porta Sophia related research expenses, up to $1,000 per grant.
Award Budget: Up to $1,000 per awardee
Application Deadline: Rolling submissions

Building a Global Network

Our network is growing and we now have archival researchers in three different countries totaling 39 participants.

Archival Researcher Network Highlights

Porta Sophia Prior Art Library
Introducing the Archival Researcher Network

At a time when the nonprofit psychedelic prior art library Porta Sophia is generating significant buzz for successful interventions on overly-broad psychedelic patent applications, it's worth reflecting on how a network of archival researchers is working behind the scenes to help shape the future landscape of psychedelic research and make these potential pharmaceuticals more equitably accessible.

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ARN Interview with Philipp Rühr
Points Interview: Philipp Rühr, Archival Researcher Network participant.

Following from the above post on the emergence of the non-profit psychedelic prior art library Porta Sophia, and its Archival Researcher Network (ARN), this post features an interview with ARN-participant Philipp Rühr.

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