A simple search tool for innovators and patent reviewers to find relevant prior art in the field of psychedelics.

Over 2000 Curated Pieces of Prior Art

Porta Sophia is on a mission to protect the public domain by building a library of curated psychedelic prior art. Our library features prior art relevant to 50+ psychedelic compounds from patents, journal articles, books, websites, archival and non-traditional sources. Our simple search tool provides a free and easy resource for innovators, patent examiners or practitioners seeking relevant psychedelic prior art. Porta Sophia’s team of scientific and legal experts manually curate prior art to highlight current themes in the psychedelic patent landscape while new prior art is added weekly.

Prior Art Services

Empower Your Psychedelic Innovation with Porta Sophia's Expert Prior Art Services

Navigate the complex world of psychedelic patents with confidence. Porta Sophia specializes in offering thorough prior art services to researchers and innovators in the psychedelic field. Our services include third-party interventions, patentability assessments, and landscape assessments, ensuring your innovations are unique and protected. We are committed to fostering a fair and knowledgeable patent landscape, respecting the historical and cultural significance of psychedelic knowledge, including Indigenous practices and wisdom. Join us in advancing ethical and groundbreaking psychedelic research.

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Protecting Future Access to Psychedelic Therapies

Porta Sophia is a non-profit organization on the pursuit to protect the public domain, stimulate innovation, and support good patents to assure psychedelic therapies can one day be available at scale to the people who need them. We support good patents that are novel and non-obvious by making sure publicly known technologies and practices in psychedelics are not sequestered by overly broad patents.

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Evaluating Patents and Curating Prior Art for Our Library

Porta Sophia has created a five step process for evaluating psychedelic patents/applications and building our prior art library. These steps ensure that our prior art library is enriched with themes from the patents/applications we are tracking. Using this knowledge, we locate and curate relevant prior art and build our library.

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Impact of Third Party Preissuance Submissions and Observations

Porta Sophia tracks and analyzes US. and international patent applications on a weekly basis. If an application improperly claims something known to be in the public domain and meets all the standards of our third party preissuance submission evaluation criteria, our team assembles prior art relevant to evaluating the novelty and non-obviousness of the application and presents these directly to the USPTO and international patent offices through third-party submissions/observations.

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Help Support Our Mission

As a non-profit organization, donated funds allow our passionate and interdisciplinary team of experts to work together toward our goal of assuring psychedelic therapies can one day be available at scale to the people who need them. Your financial donations support our long-term sustainability and enable the continued expansion and maintenance of our prior art library and other efforts.

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